Grand Rapids Mid-Sixties Rock

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Bel-Aires - Ya Ha Be Be

Quests - I'm Tempted

Pentagons - Try and Find

Disclaimer: If the copyright owners of these songs would like me to remove the mp3 files, just let me know, and I'll take them down.


Highs in the Mid Sixties Volumes Five, Six, and Nineteen - contain lots of great songs by the Mussies, the Quests, the Legends, the Masters of Stonehouse, Renegades V, the Saharas, the Ju Jus, and the Orange Wedge.Available from Bomp Records.


Pebbles - Volume One contains the Ju Jus classic, "You Treat Me Bad." Volume Eight contains another Ju Jus song. Available from Bomp Records.


Back from the Grave - also from Crypt. The records and CDs have different numbering systems, but the CD Part One contains great stuff by the Jujus, the Legends, and the Chentelles. The CD Part Four contains an amazing song by the Bel-Aires called "Ya Ha Be Be."


Teenage Shutdown - without a doubt, the best garage rock compilation series ever. If you love this kind of music, you should pick up every single album in this series. The sound is perfectly transferred from a $30,000 turntable in Germany, and the song selections are wonderful. Several of the volumes contain songs from West Michigan and/or Fenton bands. From Crypt Records.



Phases and Faces by the Fredric - A 1968 album by a Grand Rapids band that was recently reissued by Arf-Arf Records.


Always Remembered - Never Forgotten by the JuJus - a CDR with the JuJus' original recordings, from the original master tapes. It includes exclusive stereo recordings of "Fine Day" and "Gentle Rain" by Ray Hummel III, plus alternate takes and songs not released on records before. Each CDR is individually autographed by Ray Hummel III, the lead singer of the band, and serially numbered. Was available from Steve's Records, but his web site is no longer available.


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