West Michigan Soul Discography

Special thanks to Kip Brown for this information and for the label scans!

Lainey Allen (label is from Allegan, don't know where Lainey is from)

Jackey Beavers (Originally from Battle Creek, spent a lotta time in GR)

The Black Aces of Soul & The Eyes Of Ebony (Grand Rapids Mystery Group)

The Camaros (Battle Creek girl group)

Wade Flemons (from Battle Creek, recorded primarily in Chicago)

The IV Royals (Grand Rapids)

The Lyrics (Allegan, Mi. label but don't know where the group is from)

The People's Choice (Grand Rapids soul group)

They issued other 45's in the 70's on Phil-A-Of Soul, but I don't have that info.

The Velvelettes (Kalamazoo girls who recorded for Motown!)