West Michigan Bands

9th Street Market From Muskegon Fenton  
Aardvarks From Muskegon Fenton, Vark More... 
Apocalypse From Grand Rapids Apocalypse Records  
Assortment From Lansing Sound Spot More... 
Band X From Ludington Recorded in Grand Rapids More... 
Barons Fenton More... 
Beaux Jens From Grand Ledge Sound of the Sceen  
Beech Resorts From Jackson Key Records (out of Kalamazoo)  
Bel-Aires From Grand Rapids Discoteque  
Black Watch From Cedar Springs Fenton  
Blokes From Muskegon  
Boyfriends From Grand Rapids Evolved into Natchez Trace in the early 70s  
Chancellors From Lansing Fenton  
Chentelles From Grand Rapids Fenton More... 
Cherry Slush From Saginaw Recorded one single at Great Lakes More... 
Chevrons V From Grand Rapids Fenton, Nook  
Dave & The Shadows From Grand Rapids Fenton, Check-Mate More... 
Days Light Grand Rapids More... 
Deacons From Kalamazoo Played "The Place" Sept 2, 1966  
Decisions From Kalamazoo Topper  
Del Shannon Coopersville Big Top  
Echelons From Grand Rapids "Lonely Christmas"  
Fredric From Grand Rapids Evolution, Forte More... 
French Church From Marquette Princeton  
Fugitives From Grand Rapids Fenton  
Fyrebirds From St. Joseph Fenton More... 
Headhunters From Lowell Fenton  
Intruders Grand Rapids More... 
Invictas with Ruth Ann From Grand Rapids Mavis  
Jades From Sparta Fenton  
John Brown Trio Ionia Fenton  
Ju Jus Grand Rapids Fenton, United More... 
Ken Rank St. Joe-Benton Harbor More... 
Kingtones Grand Rapids Musitone  
Legends Holland Fenton  
Lloyd Brown Trio ?  
Lyn & The Invaders Grand Rapids Fenton More... 
Mafia Grand Rapids More... 
Mass Hysteria Grand Rapids Kelloggsville High  
Masters Of Stonehouse Grand Rapids Discoteque  
Me and Dem Guys Jackson, GR Black Cloud More... 
Merrie Motor Company Olivet Scott, Decca  
Mussies South Haven Fenton  
Olivers Fort Wayne, Indiana Phalanx  
Orange Wedge Grand Rapids Blue Flat Owsley Memorial  
Outcasts Grand Rapids Kelloggsville High, evolved into the Orange Wedge  
Paeans Grand Rapids Recorded unreleased single  
Pastels Battle Creek Phalanx  
Pedestrians Grand Rapids Fenton, Atco More... 
Penetrators Grand Rapids Fenton  
Phlegethon Grand Rapids Pre-Heat  
Plagues Lansing Fenton  
Psychotics Grand Rapids Acid  
Quests Grand Rapids Fenton  
Rainmakers Traverse City Phalanx, Discoteque  
Ray Hummel III Grand Rapids Fenton, Renegade  
Renegades IV, V Grand Rapids Fenton  
Rhythm Rockers Fenton  
Roy Sorensen Group Grand Rapids "Cold Wart," 1970-74?  
Ruth Ann and the Footsteps Grand Rapids  
Saharas Lansing Fenton, United  
Satan and his Sinners Grand Rapids Kentwood/Kelloggsville  
Sheffields Holland Fenton  
Shondells Niles Snap  
Smoke South Haven Smoke  
Soulbenders Grand Rapids Phantasm, Normandy, Mala/Bell  
TNS Blues Band Grand Rapids Rogers High  
Thyme Portage A2, Bang  
Tom Carter and the Ramrods ?  
Tonto and the Renegades Grand Ledge Sound of the Scene More... 
Touchstone Kalamazoo Sound Machine  
Tribe Mt. Pleasant Fenton  
Undecided/Winfield Scott Band Grand Rapids Zymotic More... 
We Sandpipers Reed City Played "The Place" Sept 3, 1966  
Wyld Syde Grand Rapids Wyoming Park/Rogers High School  

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